Cataract Management

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When is the Right Time for Cataract Surgery?

If you are diagnosed with a cataract in Corpus Christi, TX, you may not need surgery right away. Changing your glasses or contact lens prescription may help improve your vision while the cataract is small. However, when it starts to interfere with your vision and your daily activities, you should consider cataract surgery.

Left untreated, cataracts will eventually lead to blindness.

During a Cataract Consultation our cataract specialists in Corpus Christi, TX will determine how advanced your condition is and whether or not you are a candidate for surgery. You will also learn about the different treatment options, such as laser cataract surgery, and replacement lens options, including Lifestyle Lenses.

Circumstances When a Cataract Must Be Removed

  • The lens begins to break down (become "overripe")
  • The lens releases chemicals that could damage the eye and result in glaucoma
  • The cataract is so dense that it prevents observation or treatment of some other eye problem or disease

Learn more about cataracts by scheduling a Cataract Consultation with us today.